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betway888,必威体育苹果app 下载 betway888betway8880-63-4

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betway888,必威体育苹果app 下载
CAS NO : betway888betway8880-63-4
EC NO : 203-786-5
MF : C4Hbetway8880O2
MW : 90.betway8882betway888
Packing : 200kg/drum
Product description : Molecular Formula:C4Hbetway8880O2
Uses : PBT, elastic fibers, tetrahydrofuran (THF), poly tetramethylene ether glycol(PTMEG ), UP, solvent areas, and the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. betway888, 4 - butanediol can also be used to produce N-methyl pyrrolidone (NMP), adipic acid, acetal, maleic
Synonyms : betway888,4-Butylene glycol;Tetramethylene glycol;butane-betway888,4-diol;butane-betway888,betway888-diol;BDO;
Molecular Structure : betway888,必威体育苹果app 下载 betway888betway8880-63-4