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  • Region :Adhesives and Sealants/Fiber and Garment Adhesives
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pvpk25 9003-39-8

Category :

Adhesives and Sealants/Fiber and Garment Adhesives

CAS NO : 9003-39-8
MF : (C6H9NO)n
MW : 111.143
Specification : exists as white or milk white powder, and colorless or slight yellow transparent liquid.the clarity of the aqueous solution depends on the proportion of vinylpyrrolidone and vinylacetate.it can dissolve in water and a variety of organic solvents. it has g
Packing : 25kg/fibre drum
Product description : The use of PVP good solubility, solubilization, physiological compatibility, bonding capacity and ability to complex performance in the field of medical health care, can be used as binder, excipient, coating agent, jumped solution agent, cosolvent , disinfectant, solubilizers, sustained-release, capsule shell, dispersion stabilizer, film-forming agent. In some countries, such as the United States, Germany, Japan, PVP in the field of health care in the medical application of PVP consumption accounts for about 40% to 55%. Currently, PVP in medicine and medical
Uses : pharmaceuticals industry ,dissolving assistant for injection,flow assistant for capsule.
Synonyms : Polyvinyl pyrrolidone;Povidone;PVP;PVP-K;PVP-K17;PVP-K25;Polyvinylpyrrolidine;PVP-K30;PVP K 30;PVP-K90;poly vinyl pyrrolidone;K-30;Crospovidone;Polyinylpyrrolidone;Polyvinglpyrrolidone;PVP K30/K90;K30;PVP K30;Povidone K25 K30 K90;poly vinyl pyrrolidinone(K=90)urethane;POVIDONE K-17;
Molecular Structure : pvpk25 9003-39-8