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Food additiveThe alga iodine contains 80% of inorganic iodine, 10%-20% of organic iodine, it can provide the human body with both inorganic iodine and organic iodine, so it covers all the advantages of the inorganic iodine and the organic iodine.

Apart for the large content of iodine, the concentrated alga iodine also profusely contains the polysaccharide sulfate, fucose acid polysaccharides, alginic acid, fucoidan, unsaturated fatty acides ----- eicosapentaenoic acid, etc. besides it contains the potassium which is good for the vascular expansion and helpful to avoid the hypertension.

There’s still contains about 20% of mannit in the alga iodine which can be absorbed directly by human body.

Index:表1 感官指标(Sensory Indexes)项目(Index Item)指标(Index Value)外观(Appearance)棕褐色液体(sepia liquid)滋味、气味(Tastes,Smells)具海藻特有的气味和滋味,无酸败、发霉等异味Special tastes and smells of algae, no rancidity or musty杂质(Impurities)无可见外来杂质No visible foreign particles

表2 理化指标(Physics and Chemistry Indexes)项目(Index Item)指标(Index Value)总碘(以I-计)/(g/100ml)The total content of iodine(I),g/100ml4.0-6.0总固形物/(g/100ml) Total content of solid matter,g/100ml 20.0minPH值PH value5.0-8.0铅(以pb计)/(mg/L) Plumbum (Pb),mg/l 2.0max无机砷(以As计)/(mg/L) Inorganic arsenic(As),mg/l 1.5max甲基汞(以Hg计)/(mg/L) Methylmercury(Hg),mg/l 0.5maxa多氯联苯/(mg/L) Polychlorinated biphenyl 2.0maxa指PCB28、PCB 52、PCB101、PCB 118、PCB 138、PCB 153和PCB 180总和(a including PCB28、PCB 52、PCB101、PCB 118、PCB 138、PCB 153 and PCB 180)

表3 微生物指标(Microbiological indexes)项目(Index Item)指标(Index Value)菌落总数(cfu/g) The total count of colony,cfu/g1000max大肠菌群(MPN/100g) Coliform, MPN/100g40max致病菌(沙门氏菌,志贺氏菌,金黄色球菌,副溶血性弧菌)Pathogenic bacterium(salmonella, shigella, gold coccus, vibrio parahaemolyticus)不得检出Not be found

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