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betway 西汉姆精装版 5970-47-8

Category :

Catalyst and Auxiliary/Textile Auxiliary Agent

betway 西汉姆精装版
CAS NO : 5970-47-8
MF : ZnCO3·2Zn(OH)2·H2O
MW : 549.1068
Specification : zinc carbonate
Packing : woven bag outside and plastic bag inside,25kg per bag
Product description : betway 西汉姆精装版 Items Index (percent) I II III Zn content (mini ) 57.5 57 56.5 Loss on ignition 25.0—28.0 25.0--30.0 25.0--32.0 Heavy metal content (Pb) (maxi) 0.0005 0.001 0.005 Moisture( maxi) 2.5 3.5 5 SO 4 2 (maxi) 0.6 0.8 -- Sieve Residue (75microns mesh): (mini) 95 94 93 This product is white slight amorphous powder, not smelly, tasteless. Insoluble in water, and 30% H2O2 role in the formation of oxide release CO2. Use: It can be used not only as lightly astringent, the raw material of latex products, the configuration of calamine and as the skin protectant, , but also as the main rawmaterial of the desulfurizer and katalyst in the rayon, the petroleum, the chemical fertilizer industries as well as the rubber product, the paint, the medicine and otherchemical products. Packing: In polyethlene film bag with outer polypropylene woven bag. 25kg net each Molecular formula: ZnCO3.2Zn(OH)2. H2O Molecular weight: 342.23
Uses : lightly astringent
Synonyms : dizinc dihydroxyzinc dicarbonate;di[carbonato(2-)]hexahydroxypentazinc;Zinc carbonate [USAN];Bis(carbonato)hexahydroxypentazinc;Bis(carbonato(2(-)))hexahydroxypentazinc;Di(carbonato(2-))hexahydroxypentazinc;Zinc carbonate basic;
Molecular Structure : betway 西汉姆精装版 5970-47-8