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High Styrene Rubber

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Catalyst and Auxiliary/Rubber Auxiliary Agent

High Styrene Rubber
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Specification : can supply by your demand
Packing : woven bag outside and plastic bag inside,25kg per bag
Product description :

High styrene rubber is a special variety of styrene butadiene rubber. It is white granule, non-toxic, odorless and combustible. Heat distortion temperature: 70-90℃, white solid. It is used as filling reinforcing agent to improve the hardness, aging-resistance, wear-resistance, tear strength and tensile strength of rubbers. Has excellent thermo plasticity and electrical insulating property. High styrene rubber is suitable for the manufacture of high-hardness and low-density products. Such as Shoes,Belts, rubber floor tile, Tire, rubber roll ,rubber tube.

Our product is similar to NIPOL, HS850H,HS860, JSR0060 and KER1904, we also offer other specifications of latex and rubber according to your demand.Application:Main use for HS-860 is in the footwear industry, for large hard at the end of heels, soles of hard foam, hard hose, imitation leather shoes, such as flooring materials, rubber floor tile, industrial products, such as Roller, washers, hard Hose such as sponges and other products, and sports industries, such as three balls, skates, electric insulating materials.Specification:ItemsIndexVolatile content:%≤5.0Organic acid:%3.0-5.0Organic soap:%≤0.5Styrene content:%65Tensil strength(Mpa):≥7.5Shore hardness A:≥93ML100C(1+4):45-60Packing: 20kg/25kg paper bag 14mt/20ft container, 25mts/40ft container The valid period is 2 years.

Uses : rubber industry, plastic industry, coating industry ect,
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