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  • Region :Agrochemicals/Chemical fertilizers
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Details for China betway必威体育备用

betway必威体育备用 6865-35-6

Category :

Agrochemicals/Chemical fertilizers

CAS NO : 6865-35-6
EC NO : 229-966-3
MF : C18H35BaO2
MW : 420.7958
Packing : Plastic bag, lined with PE bag, 20KG in weight
Product description : Molecular formula : Ba(OOCH35C17)2 Property: It is white toxic and flammable powder with specific gravity of 1.145. it can not dissolve in water or ethanol and will become to glue when cooled after being heated in the organic solvent. It will be decomposed to stearate or salt when meet the strong acid. Specification : Testing items Excellent Free acid(accounted as stearic acid),%≤ 0.5 Melting point,℃≥ 210 Barium content, % 20.0 ±0.4 Heating loss,% ≤ 0.5 Fineness (mesh of 0.075mm) %≥ 99.5 Application : It has good stability and lubrication, better than calcium stearate, but poorer than lead stearate. It is better if used together with cadmium, zinc and epoxy compound. It is mainly used for transparent film and flake, imitation leather, cable granule, rigid material, etc. when in a larger quantity, however, you can see many patt
Synonyms : Bariumstearatetechgrwhitepowder;barium distearate;octadecanoic acid barium salt;STEARIC ACID BARIUM SALT;stavinor40;barium distearate, pure;barium octadecanoate;betway必威体育备用 (Light);barium dioctadecanoate;octadecanoate, barium salt (1:1);
Molecular Structure : betway必威体育备用 6865-35-6