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  • Region :Catalyst and Auxiliary/Plastic Auxiliary Agent
  • Tel : 0318-8515455 8517756 8517755
  • Fax : 0318-6901266
  • Email :sales@tjaimu.com
  • URL :www.tjaimu.com

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Catalyst and Auxiliary/Plastic Auxiliary Agent

MF :
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Packing : In 25kg paper bags with plastic inner.
Product description : Properties: Gray-white,light yellow powder or granular. Slight smell, no toxicity. Soluble in benzene,methylbenzene,chloroform,carbon bisulfide,carbon tetrachloride,ethylidenechloride,acetone,but insoluble in water,dilute acid,dilutealkali and gasoline. Applications: Rubber 必威体育公司 CZ(CBS) is an outstanding delayed action accelerator, It can prevent from scorching and also reduce the vulcanization time. Usually be used with accelerators the types sicj such as thiazole, aminodithioformic acid salt, aldehydeamines, guanidine, thiuram. Either modulus at a definite elongation or tensile strength can be improved for vulcanized rubber. And especially be suitable to natural rubber and synthetic rubber both of them contain high alkaliferous carbon black.Meanwhile, it is slight allochroic, has good aging resistance. Mainly used in producing tire, rubber footwear, hose, cable and general industrial product
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