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Details for China 2-Naphthol

2-Naphthol 135-19-3

Category :

Intermediates/Dyestuff intermediates

CAS NO : 135-19-3
EC NO : 205-182-7
MF : C10H8O
MW : 144.1699
Specification : Purity:≥98.5%,Dried melting point:≥119.5 ℃,Moisture content:≤0.1%
Packing : As your request
Product description :

Product name: 2-Hydroxy naphthalene, 2-Naphthol
Molecular formula: C10H8O
Molecular weight: 144.16
CAS No.: 135-19-3
Structural formula:


Appearance: white gloss crumble flaky crystal or white powder.
Density: 1.28g/cm3
Melting point: 123~124°C
Boiling point: 285~286°C
Flash point: 161°C, flammable.


Raw material of Organic synthetic and dye intermediate, used in the manufacture of Tobias acid, butyric acid, β-naphthol-3-acid and azo dyes. Also used as the material of rubber antioxidant, dressing agent of mineral , fungicides, preservatives, preservatives, and deworming medications, also used in spices, leather tanning agents, textile auxiliaries and so on.

Uses : used in the Tobias acid, J acid, 2.3-acid, and antioxidant, antioxidant DNP and its antioxidant, organic pigments and fungicides
Synonyms : C.I. 37500;C.I. Azoic coupling component 1;C.I. Developer 5;betanaphthol;2-naftol;2-naftolo;2-naphtol;antioxygene bn;azogen developer a;azogendevelopera;azoiccouplingcomponent1;beta-monoxynaphthalene;2-hydroxynaphthalene;beta naphthol;beta-naphthol;b-naphtol;naphthalen-2-ol;
Molecular Structure : 2-Naphthol 135-19-3