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Details for China Potassium nitrate

Potassium nitrate 7757-79-1

Category :

Agrochemicals/Chemical fertilizers

Potassium nitrate
CAS NO : 7757-79-1
EC NO : 231-818-8
MW : 101.1032
Packing : in 25/1000kg woven bag or according to customer`s requirement
Product description : It is mainly applied in fireworks, black powder, matches, fuses, color TV picture tubes, medicines, chemical reagents, catalysts, ceramic glazes and glass making. In addition, in metallurgical industry, food processing, potassium nitrate is also used as one of the accessories. In agriculture potassium nitrate is often used to spry on leaf areas of flowers, vegetables, fruit trees and other economic crops. Potassium, known as the "quality element", is the first choice to improve varieties. Potassium makes plants to growth stronger, thereby enhancing the ability to resist drought, cold, and the other bad conditions. The product can eliminate the adverse effects of potassium deficiency.
Synonyms : Potassium nitrate (99.999%-K) PURATREM;PotassiumnitrateACSwhitextl;Potassium ion chromatography standard solution Fluka;Nitrate Ion standard solution Fluka;Nitrate solution;Filling solution for salt bridges and double-junction electrodes;Filling solution for chloride combination electrode (10% KNO3, trace AgCl, KCl);Filling solution for fluoride electrode (17% KNO3, 5% KCl, trace NaCl, AgCl);Filling solution for cyanide or sulfide electrode (10% KNO3, trace AgCl, KCl);NO3;NITRATE SINGLE COMPONENT STANDARD;NITRATE STANDARD;NITRATE;NITRATE, CERTIFIED ANION STANDARD;NITRATE IC STANDARD;NITRATE ION;
Molecular Structure : Potassium nitrate 7757-79-1