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Details for China Magnesium nitrate

Magnesium nitrate 10377-60-3

Category :

Agrochemicals/Chemical fertilizers

Magnesium nitrate
CAS NO : 10377-60-3
EC NO : 233-826-7
MF : Mg(NO3)2
MW : 148.3148
Packing : in 25/1000kg woven bag or according to customer`s requirement
Product description : It is monoclinic crystal, and easily soluble in water, liquid ammonia and alcohol, deliquesce in the air, burn and explode when mixing with organic materials. It is used as dehydration of making nitrates, incineration and chemical experimentation etc.
Synonyms : HSDB 660;Magnesium dinitrate;Magnesium(II) NItrate (1:2);Magniosan;Nitric acid, magnesium salt;UNII-77CBG3UN78;Nitric acid, magnesium salt (2:1);Magnesium nitrate [UN1474] [Oxidizer];UN1474
Molecular Structure : Magnesium nitrate 10377-60-3