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Details for China Calcium nitrate anhydrous

Calcium nitrate anhydrous 10124-37-5

Category :

Agrochemicals/Chemical fertilizers

Calcium nitrate anhydrous
CAS NO : 10124-37-5
EC NO : 233-332-1
MF : Ca(NO3)2
MW : 164.0898
Packing : in 25/1000kg woven bag or according to customer`s requirement
Product description : It is mainly used as flocculants in rubber latex and refrigerant, as cement anti-freezer, phosphorizing agent in steel industry,. And it is also employed in oil exploratory well and sewage treatment, etc. In agriculture it is used as soiless culture and fast-effective fertilizer for acid soil. It also can be used to make fireworks and incandescent lamp chimney in light industry, to produce in national defense industry and to paint negative pole in electron instrument industry. It is also a raw material in making other nitrates.
Synonyms : Calcium nitrate;Calcium Nitrate-15N2;Lime Saltpeter;Nitric Acid, Calcium Salt;Nitrocalcite;Norwegian Saltpeter;calcium dinitrate;Calcium nitrate (anhydrous);
Molecular Structure : Calcium nitrate anhydrous 10124-37-5