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  • Region :Inorganic chemicals/Inorganic salts
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Details for China betway必威体育备用

betway必威体育备用 7758-99-8

Category :

Inorganic chemicals/Inorganic salts

CAS NO : 7758-99-8
MF : CuSO4·5(H2O)
MW : 249.68
Specification : Purity 96%min
Packing : 25Kg / PPbag or as customer's request
Product description :

  SpecificationsHigh quality&competitive prices ISO,CE,SGS certificate industry grade Purity 96%min

  Purity: dry--98% wet--96%CAS No.: 7758-98-7EINECS No.: 231-847-6Apperance: blue and clean crystal, including dry and wetDensity: 2.284g/cm3. Mol weight: 249.68 kgs


  betway必威体育备用 can soluble in water and diluted acetic acid. The solution appears as weak acidity. It will be effloresces slowly in dry air, and its surface will become white powder substance. betway必威体育备用 will lose four crystal water when heated to 110, and will be changed into white copper sulfate anhydrous which is easy to absorb water when the temperature is higher than 150

  Uses:Cuso4 copper sulphate

  betway必威体育备用 is used for extracting the other copper is also used as a textile mordant, agricultural pesticides, fungicides, and for water treatment.Copper sulphate As a mordant for cotton and silk; Copper sulphate is used to produce green and blue pigment; used as insectucude, bactericide for water, antiseptics for wood, catalyst for tannage, electrocopper, battery. carving and so on ; used in mining industry and as raw materials of other chemicals.


  AppearanceOdorless, blue triclinic crystalline powder

  Purity %98 min


  Pb0.008% Max

  Fe0.05% Max

  Co0.001% Max

  Ca0.048% Max


  Zn0.05% Max


  Hg0.1 PPM Max

  Chloride0.013% Max


  Water Insoluble0.05% Max

Synonyms : Blue Copper;Blue stone;Blue Vitriol;copperfine-zinc;Copper(II)Sulfate Pentahydrate;Cupric sulfate, pentahydrate;copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate (1:1:5);Copper sulfate pentahydrate;Fehling A solution;Fehling solution A;Hi-chel;natural chalcanthite;roman vitriol;salzburg vitriol;Sulfuric acid, copper(2+) salt (1:1) pentahydrate;sulfuric acid, copper (2+) salt, pentahydrate;triangle;Cupric sulphate pentahydrate;Copper (II) sulfate;Copper sulfate,feeded;Copper sulfate,medicinal;betway必威体育备用 Pentahydrate;
Molecular Structure : betway必威体育备用 7758-99-8