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Details for China glycolic acid

glycolic acid 79-14-1

Category :

Organic chemicals and Derivatives/Acid, ester and anhydride compounds

glycolic acid
CAS NO : 79-14-1
EC NO : 201-180-5
MF : C2H4O3
MW : 76.0506
Specification : 99%
Packing : 25kg Fiber Can
Product description : Usage: 1. Medicine: Sutures, Glycolic Acid crystal(99%) can be used in the synthesis of medicine 2. Industrial: Glycolic acid 70% solution mainly used as cleaning agent. Mixture of 2% glycolic acid and 1% formic acid effective and cleaning agent used in cleaning of air conditioner, boiler, electric plant pipe, Oil pipeline, etc. 3. Cosmetics and personal care applications: Glycolic acid effective medicine to get rid of fine hair, dead skin and wrinkle. It can prevent aging of skin and widely used in skin care area 4. Household and institutional cleaning: Used in synthesis of cosmetic, petrol emulsion breaker, solder, etc. Can also improve quality of nickel plating.
Synonyms : Hydroxyacetic acid;glycollic acid;Hydroxyethanoic acid;2-hydroxyacetate;Total acid;AHA-glycolic acid;
Molecular Structure : glycolic acid 79-14-1