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Details for China Bactericide TLR-01

Bactericide TLR-01

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Pharmaceuticals and Biochemicals

Bactericide TLR-01
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ShangDong DingTao RunXin Fine Chemicts Co.,Ltd. Is isothlazolone and its derivation. It is made by advanced technology. It contains two active ingredients.

1. 5-chloro-2-metnyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one

2. 2-metnyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one

The main technolonglcal standard of excellent product isothiazolone of my company comcs up to intemational advanced levels.

The character of Bactericide RLR-01 are as following:

Broad-spectrum disinfectant function:It effectively disinfects algac bactcria and fungin.

Minimal offective use level:approx Jppm of effecitively active use level attain disinfectant result.

No envionmental pollution:After it is diluted to use concentration, it is easily degraded to non poisonous and non pollutant materials by microorganism.

Good solublity in water: it has good compatibility in various formulation and is suitable for wide-ranging of PH value.

Bactericide TLR-01 is wide used for industrial cooling water, filling-water of oil field and lines of papermaking, coating, cosmetic, photosensitive film and dctergent.


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