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Details for China Di-n-butylamine

Di-n-butylamine 111-92-2

Category :

Adhesives and Sealants/Fiber and Garment Adhesives

CAS NO : 111-92-2
EC NO : 203-921-8
MF : C8H19N
MW : 129.24556
Packing : 150KG steel drum;
Product description : Di-n-butylamine Type: Organic Amine CAS code: 111-92-2 Chemical name: Di-n-butylamine Molecular formula: C8H19N Molecular weight: 129.25 Properties & Uses: Specific gravity (4?):0.77 Density (g/ml,20?):0.76 Boiling point(?):156.21 Chroma (APHA)Max:15 Flash point(?):<42.50 intermediate of drug, pesticide, dye, mine floatation agent, emulsifier and fine chemicals. Specification: 99.5% Uses: its vessel should be made of iron sheet and steel sheet. In sealed container, its storage period is 10 years, don't use cooper, or copper alloy vessel. Packing: metal pail, net wt 150kg.
Synonyms : N-Butyl-1-butanamine;Dibuthylamine;Di-n-butyl-d18-amine;Dinbutylamine;dibutylamine;2-n-butylamine;N-butylbutan-1-amine;N-butylbutan-1-aminium;
Molecular Structure : Di-n-butylamine 111-92-2